Dual Diamond works wonders

There has been much written about Burton Old Cottage Brewery Company’s Dual Diamond on The Beertonian. Last weekend I posted about the history of Double Diamond and over 1,900 people read the post in 24 hours! Judging by the multitude of comments on Facebook, talk about the Ind Coope’s Double Diamond has sparked a lot […]

Burton Bridge Inn has wood!

Burton Bridge Inn have released more details about what to expect at their forthcoming Beer & Bangers Festival on 10 to 12 May. The sausage flavours are: Farmhouse, Spanish, Smoky BBQ, Black Pudding and Cumberland Ring. Beer wise although the list has yet to be made public, there are two very special treats lined up. […]

eBay Watch: Thomas Salt & Co. Ltd. Jug

Burton upon Trent related breweriana is a regular sight on eBay, often fetching a very good price. The Beertonian always has an eye on the market and will report on the truly outstanding pieces put up for sale. This jug from Thomas Salt & Co. Ltd dates from around 1920 and was made by Minton; it […]

We are not amused!

A pump clip is just a pump clip right? It displays the name of the beer, the brewery and as long as it isn’t called Dizzy Blonde or something equally sexist then there’s nothing to see here; or so you’d think. The Heritage Brewing Company recently came up against an unusual objection to their innocently […]

CAMRA & the other C word

Right from the onset CAMRA has been all about change; when the founding members Michael Hardman, Graham Lees, Jim Makin and Bill Mellor sat in Kruger’s Bar, Dunquin on the Dingle Peninsula along the Kerry coast on Tuesday 16 March 1971 they were disillusioned with the current state of British beer. Thanks to mergers, takeovers and […]

Derby Inn weekly events

The Derby Inn on Derby Road won the Silver Medal for Local CAMRA Pub of the Year. They have a regular quiz night every Tuesday, with a free cheese board. The winner gets beer! On Wednesdays they do a food night between five and eight o’clock. Bass is always on and is in excellent condition, they also sell Timothy Taylor […]

Ind Coope Bottling Stores Demolition Latest

Just been to the old Ind Coope Bottling Stores (aka IMEX Business park) to get an update on the demolition. Currently the inside is being cleared, so there is nothing to see. I apologise for the photo quality, it was 7am and the sun was low in the sky.

What’s in the barrel?

This oak whisky barrel contains Marston’s Owd Roger, which has been aging for two months; almost makes me want winter to hurry up!

15 things you (probably) didn’t know about Double Diamond

Ind Coope’s Double Diamond has returned as Dual Diamond, but how much do you know about the original beer? It has a longer history than you may think. Before the actual name Double Diamond was used, Ind Coope & Co. used a double interlocking diamond mark on casks prior to the 1870s. The beer can […]