Beer is good for you!

Interesting early examples of Burton beer advertising, obviously from a very different time when beer was marketed as having a positive effect on you, note the use of the words “tonic” and “health”!

Images taken from Martyn Cornell’s blog Zythophile. To read the original article please click here. Sorry again Martyn!

So what IS the difference between barley wine and old ale?

Bass from the dead

Famous brewer Michael Thomas Bass was resurrected for Staffordshire Day on 1 May, with a video shot at the National Brewery Centre. Acting as a quick introduction to the town and the excellent work of NBC, Bass looks pretty good for a man who has been dead for 109 years!

Mind you it got The Beertonian thinking about what Mr. Bass would say if he really had returned from the other side?

“Nice statue outside the Town Hall, well the birds seem to like it anyway. What I’d like to know is who knocked down my empire? Where is Grandfather’s brewery on High Street, and my beautiful Maltings at Shobnall, is that awful grey tower really doing the same job? And Americans brewing in Burton at Bass?! Return me to my grave, I have some spinning to do!”